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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blogging, Escape, Therapy, and A Reflection of Life.

I spend a lot of time looking around the internet. It seems an odd, wonderful place to a man my age (I am in my fifties, wow, it hurts just to say that). I have made some good friends, and read some interesting things. Personal blogs are, to me, the most compelling.

You can find people who are pouring their lives onto a distant server to share the most painful details. It could be cathartic, a tonic, to share your agony with people distant and anonymous. Things that might be too humiliating to tell friends or family can be laid bare. It might be easier.

I remember when I first joined Facebook. A person I knew, not well, years ago and I became "friends." Right after that he went through a breakup with his wife, or girl friend (I don't know which) right on Facebook, a huge explosion of anger, vitriol and hate thrown all over my monitor.  I couldn't look away, and Facebook kept prompting me "be the first of your friends to like this." It was so strange.

Since then I have become acclimated, and can watch events unfold, or ignore them as I please. But, I still have difficulty deciding what to say to strangers who have taken the time to post something painful, and personal in a forum for the world.

Are they looking for something, could I help? I don't know. Blogging is an escape for me, and
reading the blogs of others is part of that. It is a world that would be hidden and should be entered into with an eye for others.

Caring about things is wonderful, caring about others is divine, though. We are all in this together.

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