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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another step in the journey.

A while ago, maybe 35 years, I decided to become a writer. But, that is not the kind of thing that a person should just jump into. It requires planning, and dedication. My plan involved getting stuck in a series of dead end jobs, doomed relationships, and suicidal addictions to gather the proper experience. It was a smashing success, too. Experience piled up all around me.

Then something odd happened, I met the person who would become my wife, and she made me happy. Next, I got a good job at a place that gives me plenty of room to be myself, and that made pretty happy. And in the words of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen "now a life of leisure and a pirate's treasure don't make much for tragedy." But, I can live with that.

And about four years ago, I started a blog. Which is writing, so I can cross off that goal. And it made me feel pretty good about myself. It was not at all what I had planned, it was more happy, less angry, more hope and promise, less doom and gloom, and I can live with that.

It taught me a lot about life, and a lot about myself. It allowed a certain amount of self examination, and introspection. It was much easier to understand how I felt as the words flowed onto the screen. I want people to be happy, and I want things to work out for everybody, and that surprised me. I always thought I was much more callous, and indifferent.

So, the next step in this long journey to self delusion is a self published novel. I am about 10 chapters into it, and it is great, I love it. This may just have been the next addiction in a long line of habits. And as far as books go it may stink but, it is me, and I can live with that. And I owe it to the bloggers I met here, the support they offered, and the help they provided. So thank you all.

If you do not write a blog, and are thinking about it, jump right in. You will learn some things that may amaze you, and you will be surprised at how easy it really is, if you just try. Their are things inside that want to see the light of day, the fame of the blogosphere, and you should let them.
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