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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Now Brown Cow

I think it's pretty safe to say that Google has abandoned G+ and/or Blogger, for something newer and better. What that is I haven't a clue, but the fact that G+ is pretty broken, whether it be the interface, the feed, the +s or whatever it is this time, the tech support isn't there in the least. This effects Blogger for the most part, since the overall blogger who uses BlogSpot depends on the integration of the two, and that is quite broken. I have found a pattern of how and when the +s work these days, but it is rather skewed, especially considering that it is irrelevant to the system as it was set up. Your blog will retain a + for every reply that is placed on your blog. This doesn't count if someone simply reposts the share on G+. Wonderful!

I've taken to trying to think up what Google has it's attention directed to now, that is going to be it's next great scheme, and that is a little mired in reality too. They redid the Blogger system lately so that anyone with a private domain ( for example) instead of a generic BlogSpot domain can now take advantage of an encrypted connection. This used to be called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) but is more commonly referred to as Transport Security Protocol. Some assume that this is what has broken the system because what it does is makes it so that any connection between your blog and whoever is reading it is "secured" making it so prying eyes aren't reading along. Of course to most of us we just don't care how many people are reading along with our recipes, clothing suggestions, health tips or whatever we happen to be blogging about, but I am thinking Google wants to get it's hands on those that actually do. Those that would use their blogs to "sell" information instead of to just freely distribute it.

In the end it really does put a strain on all of the people that have been using Blogger for X amount of years because we were already working within the model that they had, with no intention of branching out into the model they want. Theoretically I would assume that those who would be interested in the model they want have either already found it, or have no intention of getting Google involved. Now we are left with something that is broken, and again I don't get any impression that Google is doing anything to fix it, or will at any time soon if at all. This is frustrating to say the least and let me assure you that I completely understand as all of my blogs depended on the popularity that they maintained thanks to the G+ to Blogger integration, and now it has completely evaporated.

I am not here to bury any sort of blogging dreams, but perhaps to bolster them. To do this I must reveal a few observations that I have noticed over the last few weeks using analytics and ad revenue. This may not be what you are seeing, but it is what I am seeing and it should give some people hope. Without the popularity ranking of a couple of hundred +s every day I am still getting a lot of traffic. As a matter of fact I appear to be getting a lot more traffic and I think that perhaps my blogs and more importantly the articles within them are better represented in the search engines. To that end I can also say that my advertising revenue has jumped a lot over the last month. Does this mean I am getting rich? Hell no, but going from about $20 a month to somewhere in the ballpark of $50 a month feels pretty good.

Why am I telling everyone who is reading this about these things? Well it is simply a method of explaining how the things I have been saying all year are keys to actual goals. By building content (themed blogs) which bolster my brand (me) I have created thousands of pages of useful and timeless things that search engines are getting their feelers on and sending people to go look at. Many of these people are coming back, and apparently most of them are clicking into the ads that I have on my blog. Have you been building up your brand, and bolstering your content? Have you given up because you aren't getting the obvious attention (+1s) that you used to get before? There's an old saying that I would like to throw out there for anyone that is really frustrated with all of this right now, "Don't quit before the miracle happens" and trust me when I say it happens.
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