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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blogging, Writing, and Art, They Are All One

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. Over the course of my life I have dreamed of worlds, apocalypses, space ships, all filled with people, all on a collision course with unavoidable destiny. Every single one of them ended up escaping disaster, narrowly, and ignoring the difficult lessons. It is kind of my view, kind of my belief, kind of how I see things happening around me all the time.

So, to become a writer, I became a blogger. They may not be the same thing, they might, that is kind of a personal belief and I can live with either opinion. But, one thing is completely inarguable. Writing a blog is great practice. I like to write blog posts in Word, because it will check grammar and not just spelling. Though, sometimes I just ignore the critique. Creative license, you know.

However, like any craft, or art, writing requires practice. And that is where I view blogging as being a writer. It is the act of writing. Coordinating words into thoughts, and sentences. Sentences into thoughts and paragraphs, paragraphs into thoughts and posts. Finding themes and moving through them.

Recently I had an article published in a newspaper, it is called Street Speech, and it is sold by people trying to battle their way out of homelessness. It didn't pay, in fact it cost me $10.00 (I have included a scan because I adore you, the Whacko Nation) because I was so geeked about seeing my name in print I bought out two vendors supply.

But, it has spurred me to bigger dreams, I have started querying magazines and websites with ideas I am fleshing out. I am working on my book. And I continue to write for Street Speech.

All of this because I thought I could write a blog. So what is the lesson. The lesson is if you blog, you are an artist, and if you have aspirations beyond blogging I am proud of you. And if you want to know more about what I think, stay tuned, I just can't stop writing, it is like eating peanuts.

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