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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Blog, good question.

I have discovered I blog for two reasons. I have something to say, or I want to say something. As simple as that sounds that covers it. Nothing else seems to be needed, it covers everything, Every post in every blog I ever wrote were because of one of these.

Rarely, and they seem to follow a wave pattern, I will have something to say. It will come in staccato bursts, brief, intense tributes to self importance. How can the world not see this, it is so clear? But, since they don't it is left to me, the poor unfortunate blogger to enlighten them.

I am not sure what triggers this spasm of community service. It certainly is not because I think anybody is going to read the post and think, "dang, he is right, and I was wrong, all those years I wasted." I am pretty comfortable in the knowledge that most people are willing to ignore any evidence that contradicts anything they already believe. It is liberating, if a little foolish.

And, sometimes I just want to say something. Most days take shelter under this umbrella. It is just a feeling, a notion, a siren song, calling to me. It is the same as freshly brewed coffee, it entices and pulls you towards the source. Sometimes it will go smoothly, sometimes it will be painful. Occasionally it goes where it should, most times it takes off, and leaves me trying to keep up. It is always fun, and it is never voluntary.

Either way, it is one part of me. I took a class recently on writing history. As we were waiting for the class to start I was talking to a gentleman in the adjacent aisle. He wants to write a book on the history of a neighborhood. It is a great idea, it is an old neighborhood, with a history that would make a book worth reading.

He asked what I was writing. I told him right now I am just getting my name in as many publications as possible, mostly for the thrill of seeing my name attached to something I wrote. My fifteen minutes of fame. I even shared my secret for getting published.

"Does it pay?" he asked.

I didn't bother saying I write for me, for the love of words, for the chance to share something
uniquely mine, with anybody who wants. I write because it makes me happy. Yes, it does pay. But, I don't think he was looking for than kind of reward, so I said, "no."

If you want to blog you should, if you have something to say, say it. If you want to say something that is a good idea too. Just do it for you.

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