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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 54

Today's Tip: Be available to your friends. This is not a new tip, but it is an expanded tip. I have said before that guest blogging is a really important part of being a productive member of the blogging community, and I mean it. People don't always have enough time to maintain their own blog and as a friend you really should help out by giving them a hand when life interferes with their blogging ability. I have a friend who just got married and we all chipped in to make sure that their blog was well fed. Before that we had another friend that moved and we kept her blog well fed. The important thing to note when doing these things is that this is NOT a competition, it is a community. Like any community people watch other people's kids while they run errands or at least that's the way it was before the world started turning to crap.

The blogging world does NOT need to turn to crap with the rest of the world. I do guest blogging for anyone that asks, and I make damn sure that everything I do for someone else's blog is original and just as good as anything I would publish in my own blogs. There are times too that you need to help out in other ways. I have two friends in the blogging world that asked me to browse their books and see what I think, and I have friends in the blogging community that just need encouragement. Again it is about community, and a strong community is only as good as the work YOU put into it. Ignore those that don't add to it, and make sure that you help where you can. Make THIS world a better place and you will reap the rewards in the end. I promise.

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